Ambition Accelerator

Trusted advisor to CEOs 

  • Get CLEAR, defining aspirations, creating spokes of balance, and raising expectations with laser clear focus for outcomes.

  • Get WHY, developing a purpose-driven path that shifts 'should do actions' to 'must do' and links results to impacts.

  • Get GOING, building momentum and support for long-term success, with habits, powers of influence and celebrations.

Public Speaking

Guiding leaders and executive teams to enrich personal lives and amplify professional effectiveness.

  • My Story..., a deeply introspective journey to self discovery that allows audience members to draw connections between life experiences and how they shape current behavior.   

  • Success without emotional fulfillment is the ultimate failure. Unlocking one's authentic self and defining your core motivation accelerates what should be.  Clearing the limiting beliefs obstructing your path unleashes the power within.  An interactive experience with audience members participating in "the hot seat", working together to complete 'unpacking' exercises and other individual or team building sessions.  

  • Customized talks: navigating change, walking through the fire, timeblocking, power of influence, spokes of balance and more.  Let us know the desired outcome for your group and we can tailor a customized talk to meet your needs.


"As usual, and as hard as it is to imagine given how highly I regard you, you exceeded expectations. Thank YOU for taking the time and investing the energy and focus in my team: they are a remarkable group of people and I am so proud of what they’ve accomplished. You brought out so much in them today, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. I do hope others within the company allow to help make us all more trusting – not just of each other, but of ourselves."

Siemens Government Technologies

Mergers and Acquisitions

Piloting CEO's through Mergers and Acquisitions activity as well as Outsourced Capital. 

Navigating companies from initial interest through letter of intent to define targets, explore value of synergies, and create GAP analyses for mergers or acquisitions.


The difference between selling your company and successfully merging two cultures often comes down to understanding the EQ behind aligning corporate values and the human element of building an environment of mutual vested interest.  



Everybody Wins

It's all about Value Creation. 

When value is created everybody wins!